Blocky Dino Park: T-Rex Rampage

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as the T-Rex is the most dominant dinosaur ever lived in the Cretaceous period.

A group of scientists has been trying to resurrect this king of dinosaur by mining the fossil of Tyrannosaurus Rex using a diamond pickaxe and put it on a chicken. They survive and build a blocky dinosaur park. The human of blocky world contains the T-Rex and put it on a cage along with some of newborn babies made by using DNA mutation on chickens.

The human give T-Rex bad treatment and angered the king of dinosaur! The T-Rex are going to break free and rampage thru the park to destroy everything, bite every one!

The dino hunt begins. Human are attempted to hunt the rampaging T-Rex. They called the military and armies to capture the king of prehistoric beast.

Human also trying to create another obedient mutant T-Rex, the Dominator Rex aka D-Rex to fight against the rampaging T-Rex. Will the human be able to stop a rampaging of T-Rex?

How To Play:
- Use WASD to move around as the T-Rex
- Left click to attack everything from human to buildings
- Right click to use skill for massive attack

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T-Rex baby keeps falling off the island... =:xB

I don't know how to directly reply on newgrounds but level five seems to be working properly it's just for some reason the weird terrain lines make it difficult to navigate and you know level three did have a little difficultly moveing past the bridges of grass... it would slpwly clip forward it's very unfortunate this happened it was fun playing but please make the time limit on level 6 longer.... it's really difficult... ai only attacks you if you turn around...

and... level 6 is impossible because of extremely short time limit darn that stinks well....I tried I was so close but yes sadly level 6 is impossible with only ninety seconds the guards only attack you if you turn around not cool.... and it takes to long traversing the terrain

Update: so guys and ladies it's legitmately possible to beat level four you have to move to each section slowly and in reverse movement and for some reason the game has the ai work moveing backwards but yes I finally beat level four so it is possible but please fix that if you get the chance it's a charming game

*Sigh* i'm afraid LexRodent is right about level four I am going to go ahead and give this five stars since it was amuseing I can't play stage four as you see the dinosaur ai has trouble moveing I would reccomend you save this copy of the build carefully and work on patching movement a little it's not a bad game but I have to admit movement is very glitchy I really enjoyed the game to if it makes you feel better

Edit: I notice its easier to move closer to the water then the terrain which is weird the npc moves smoothly on the previous three levels but on level four it won't let me go foward much it only prompts me to move into the ocean which results in a game over still nice game needs work though

Edit two: upon futher inspection you can techically move but you have to move backwards and that will only get you so far there are some weird terrain glitches here that prevent me from getting close maybe I have a low processor I will keep trying I really want to complete this

DexusDinosaur responds:

I'm sorry, but can you tell me is every level after level 4, the T-Rex move backwards? I didn't know about this because it runs nice in my test device. Thank you for your nice comment! I'm happy to help

This neger baby t-rex just walked to his own death, and it's MY game over? This game is a piece of poopy balls, play my game instead :)

Nice idea. Give me a game about destroying stuff and I'm a happy guy.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play through the hole thing. The movement controls became unresponsive after the 3rd level ; The t-rex only could turn left and and right, but no forward or backward :(

DexusDinosaur responds:

Thank you for playing! There must be a problem. Try refreshing the page

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3.00 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2019
9:55 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler