Tonight we hunt-The diablada

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Edit: You can configure the controls in the control configuration screen, just click in some key to change it.

Tonight we hunt The diablada is an action platformer like classic Castlevania.

A demon appear in the town and summon a lot of demons to provoke the chaos, the hunter must kill all monsters and hunt the King demon.

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Pretty cool game with a lot of heart to it! Loved the various art and animations in the game, and it was fun going through and battling against the impressive multi-phase boss. Would love to see more and thought this was a great improvement over some of the previous Tonight We Hunt games. Still feels like this game could use some extra time in the oven however: platforming was a little janky in terms of collision detection, and the movement/attacks felt very stiff. Some of the stiffness isn't necessarily bad, such as not being able to air attack, as it looks like the levels were built with that in mind, but it still felt odd to get used to the controls nonetheless. Would love to see more!

only can play till you select the masks, when it says to press attack to select the keys don't work for me

A really good cinematic in the begining. That's like me a lot. And the animation work in the gameplay its amazing. The way you took with the differents masks too increase the character power is very interesting adding a good sense of control in the game.

Keep the good work. :D

The game controls are grossly amazing for speedrunning. It is hard to move with the regular controls.
But when you attack then instantly press jump+attack after that he will do a fast jump attack.
This makes bossing abit faster.

If you keep on jumping i think he moves abit faster than walking
making moving abit faster
And if you jump repeatedly under a platforming that doesn't allow you to jump
you will be bounced with immense speed. Pretty cool although there isn't much of it
eg: hen house at the end stage 1 you normally need to jump 2 times to get to the above platform but by bouncing under the hen house you can get there instantly

Another being under any gate that blocks your way (that gate with fire skulls).
You can cover a few distance by bouncing.
10/10 for absurd mechanics 10/10 art 9/10 music. 6/10 Boss, his attacks seems abit cheap.

So, this is a Tonight we hunt reskin of your Bloodborne NES.
Han plays very stiff. The enemies are very stiff too. The death jumps are very stiff.
Alright, you did it, you've proven you can make it like a very oldschool Castlevania. (well it is even stiffer because you can't attack during jumps)
But, now, what do you want to do with this game really?

Why do an ultra-oldschool-Castlevania, when you could do a Castlevania-in-general love letter, and just have cool weapons, cool bosses and your awesome demon hunter universe?
To me, your Roaring Box demon boss rush game is still by very far the most fun one, in terms of gameplay, story, and as a way to show your cool design & drawing & animation style.

Maybe you should base your game more on your own awesome bosses, and much less on "trying to replicate the way they did games back in the days when technology was extremely, extremely limited and they were forced to make them lame".

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3.31 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2019
1:58 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other