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When you think your POST will go VIRAL but NO ONE cares...

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Hey everyone!!! I made this animation to try a different style than the one I´m used to do. I belive it has potential but not for long stories, it takes to much time.

The story has a bit of an overreaction but hey, thats what animation is for right?

Anyway, quick update. I´m currently working on a new project which I´m very excited about. It´s been a long time since I made a well developed story with interesting characters, and that is the type of things that I´m truly pasionate about, so I´ll stop making this nonsense for a while.
I´m planning on making a series, I´ll start with 3 episodes with a full arc and will see how it goes from there. I tried to give the series an HBO vibe, something like the sopranos but with my usual animation style. It will be a mature story with some characters that hopefully you´ll find interesting.
Beside work and studies, I´m making this new project my top priority and will try to make it ASAP. I´ll probably will be posting updates on my instagram and some VLogs of the process on my YoutubeChannel (How I create the characters, story, etc) Should be interesting and fun.

Hopefully someone out there will enjoy it and join me.

Until then, thanks a lot for watching and reading this, you guys are AWESOME!!! I´ve been posting for a bit more than 2 years now and I´ve only received word of encouragement from this community. We are all humans and we all know how much a pat in the back can help ones in a while, so truly thank you!!!

Best of luck and see you in the next one my friends!!!

Boring stuff, here is the link to my YTchannel just in case, peaceout!


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yasssss queeeeeen

that took a turn real quick

OblitusCS responds:

Hahaha Yep

Every time! Very good-lay done.

OblitusCS responds:

Hahaha A bit of an overreaction, but still true sometimes I believe

Exactly, don't let get to your head. You do art cuz you love it not solely for attention.

OblitusCS responds:

Exactly!!! Thanks for the comment brother

Fuck man, i've been there.

OblitusCS responds:

I know brother, thanks for the comment and the stars!