Collision Idle

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It's simple... Buy upgrades to earn even more money and unlock new balls.

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geez the more balls there is the more chaotic it is I LOVE IT!

3993.69 sec (good to see the game had the same "ending" in mind as me)

It took me a frustratingly long time to find out that you had no control over the game besides upgrading, because at first I thought the random bounces of red were my doing. I was about to quit when I noticed that the green skill made a lot more money than the blue one, so I started strategising around it (buying skill upgrades for green & money upgrades for blue). Before I knew it, I could buy a yellow ball and there was no turning back.

While the sound effects are quite satisfying, they could use a random pitch shift to increase variation. Or you could use the pitch to determine , as I think the game could be a lot more satisfying and strategic if you could somehow indicate the money earned per collision.

I would also put the upgrade screen below the game instead of making it a popup, currently it's blocking the action as you are constantly upgrading.

It's also a bit dissapointing that once you're done, the screen is so chaotic it is no longer fun to watch.

Hmm interesting.

Really love the concept. Because it's about getting as many collisions as you can to gain money which I have never seen before in an idle game. It is also really simple. I like the special skill because I didn't expect that so It caught my attention to figure out what it means.
I think this game is really good in the end game and med game, but the beginning is just too slow for most people and they quit before they see the interesting stuff.

Some ideas that might make it better:
1. Add something you can do with your mouse to gain extra collisions, maybe if you click on the ball it gets an extra instant push. Often good idle games besides being idle have something the player can do, e.g. in cookie clicker you can click on the cookie. I think this will really have an impact on your score because I feel like most people quit this game early because they can't do anything with the red ball to some sort of own control on this game.

2. Add newgrounds highscores. This way people are motivated to continue playing to beat eachothers scores.

3. Balls can also collide with eachother, could make the gameplay more interesting when you have more balls.

Some other things I liked about later in the game. I liked how different balls have different special effects. maybe describe the special effect of each ball in the upgrades?

Definitely wouldn't quit this game you really got something here. Just needs some work on the rough edges. Some finetuning, playtesting, finetuning ...

I like how easy it is to play the game and its fun to have it in the background while im doing my homework but there could be something else added to it I just cant think of what exactly


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2.90 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2019
9:12 PM EDT
Action - Other