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Chu moving

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practicing some animation with one of my characters

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Usually the term 'practice animation' comes with a stigma of not good, but this really was good! I'm missing sound, but the animation's both smooth and expressive. Good style. Now for some actual story...


A few more transition frames would make this go from smooth to very smooth.
The bounciness, or bounce and stretch, gave the character a light and playful air.
Color and shadowing made the minimalist choices seem like a style choice opposed to a lack of skill.
You definitely have been learning from some very traditional animation styles, or have at least watched enough animation to pick up the gist.
Good Work!
- Putney


Thanks for your comment and thanks for your observation, it is very useful!

reminds me of the youtubers that use there animated character to talk for them. that can entice alot of people

Absolutely phenomenal! The coloring and overall animation looks fantastic :D
Keep up the awesome work! :]


Thank you very much for your comment, I will keep trying

well done the animation is really smooth