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Homophobic Goku

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I animated the overly friendly Goku from the Funimation leaks. Enjoy!

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very short but good!!!

Okay...That was...kinda interesting. Good video!

Nice job

I really love how when this audio got leaked people were so offended and shat themselves like "dis iz suu homerfobick durrrgh" when they failed to realize that people are allowed to be politically incorrect and offensive behind the scenes. Personally, I find the audio and this animation pretty fucking funny.

Remember that 20 or so episode hike when Gohan was training to defeat Adult Boo, and he was with the Kais and they were like "you are gonna do it Gohan! You are going to kill Buu!" and then in ONE EPISODE, Without Even Going Saiyan, he gets Absorbed By Buu IMMEDIATELY and he becomes Kid Buu? I 'member.
Also remember those like 4 episodes where Gohan was supposed to fight and kill Cell, and Cell made all those little majin cells that Kicked The Crap out of his friends the Entire time, all while Gohan was Crying like a little girl screaming," I Won't fight you Cell! Just stop!" I 'member.

This is actually canon accurate.