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Super Fiasco Bros.

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press r to reload level (Especially when fiasco bugs pop up..)

The Fiasco Brothers only want to go party in Disco World 1-2 while Toad is having all the fun with the princess.

spoiler alert:
You want to put shrooms in the first tube to provide to the dealer in said tube before you go down in the tube to get money...
Plus the mission is to get into the disco castle. Turn on your audio to hear the dialogue and swinging tunes.

Extremely short parody "game" for 1 player or 2 player co-op-ish. A very silly little experience, but with some rocking music by Max Robert variations on m@rio themes.

Also, there is audio dialogue at castle(and in game voice acting) so it is supposed to freeze there.


player 1:

Gamepad 1
AWSD - Movement
Space - jump

player 2:

Gamepad 2 or
UHJK - Movement
Right Shift - jump

use mouse to buy stuufff

Now go and party Fiasco Style!


Scripting/Design/fxAnim/Voices/Music : Max Robert
Ripped modified gfx from nientendo

V 0.02 Update
Camera less yidder
jump on enemy more responsive
added help - how to play button

Check out my game on Steam too:


and more at:


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i liked it so much, maybe adding more levels?

The voice acting isn't that great, the game is a buggy mess and WSAD controls in a 2d platformer, why?
Overall a pretty mediocre Mario clone

maxrobert responds:

The eternal question you ask yourself is always: why not? I can add alternative controls, good ol, arrow keys ? 😜

It's a parody, it is supposed to be bad, hence the title.

this is a ok game. and a funny story in a game
but why was the screen so big?
a game like this should not have a screen so big like this

maxrobert responds:

Yeah, the size was a tad too big in response to a review below. Fixed :)

Loading screen rolls but fails to launch in both Chrome and Firefox, just get a blank screen.
Running windows 10 on a newish, fast machine built for gaming.

the game won't even start for me, sad faceu :c

Edit: I'm using a Windows computer and most other games start normally for me so idk :<

Edit: Ohhh nope, never mind, it suddenly decided to work just as I finished that edit. Smh my head.

The game was alright.

maxrobert responds:

Allright, cool 🙂