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Night with zombies 25 Points

Complete all levels of 8 mission

Guests from Mars 50 Points

Complete all levels of 6 mission

New mutants 50 Points

Complete all levels of 4 mission

Order of the Star 50 Points

Complete all levels of 2 mission

Slime... 50 Points

Complete all levels of 1 mission

Zoo Escape 50 Points

Complete all levels of 5 mission

The riot of scientists 100 Points

Complete all levels of 3 mission

Кnighthood? 100 Points

Complete all levels of 7 mission

Author Comments

In battle:
R-Return to mission selection
F- Get 1000 coins
!!!This is my first “big" game! The game was made in 2017! Please do not write bugs, I can’t fix them, because there are too many of them, it’s better to start making the game again = D
In the future, after the discovery of a mutagen (a substance that changes dna), monsters began to appear in the world, which were given the name mutants. Mutants posed a danger to ordinary people; therefore, it was decided to create a special team to fight mutants. soldiers, but also different creatures: good mutants, robots, aliens, and so on.

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Interesting concept but unbalanced. 3rd tier was too hard and required a grind, after that everything was a breeze until very least level. Or maybe I just purchased and extremely powerful hero at this point I dunno. The very large gray thing vaguely resembling biplane from front seems to be very strong.

Last level was normally extremely hard and would require great grind, until you notice that at this point game gives you a free hero that is immune to zombies and kills all enemies by itself making it easy.

Only way to make money at decant speed was to kill boss over and over. The rewards for completing missions need to be bigger to not make players grind on killing the weak but much money rewarding boss.

More description on what each hero does before buying him would also be nice. Further this could be improved by adding strategy if you could chose your starting placement of heroes on start of mission, for instance place sniper behind fire-thrower.

Most of the time one enemy wont move and it pretty much makes you stuck on a level. Sometimes my 2nd player wont even spawn into the later levels. It feels redundant having to go back to the menu after every mission. A description of what each hero does would be nice and maybe their attributes too. Yea, I cant get past mission 2 because they just stare at the last guy without doing anything.
Wait, so you didnt make this game?

kbvpneofit responds:

and the Flamethrower disappears even on 1 mission
I did, and this incomplete source was stored on a flash drive. Since the more complete part was on a hard drive that burned down. And I did this game for a long time, this is my very first game. The game was made on c2 and there are more than 3000 events, and I just I don’t understand what where and why.There were still +20 heroes, and such bugs were fixed (the graphics were the same).
(this can be viewed on posts in the VKontakte group)

2 things are bad:
1. Passport windows that constantly pop up - fixed
2. The fact that you get the same amount of cash no matter which mission you complete.


Since I see that everybody is struggling with the 2nd scenario one advice: you can get that 1000 cash bonus, right? Add the fact that saving is only manual, so you can purchase a new unit, test it in battle and if you are not satisfied with its abilities reload the game and the save and check another unit. I assure you that you can build a squad that can get you through most of the missions. But I admit that you need to grind a bit to expand it beyond the initial 2 units - with only 2 of them you won't get very far. 5 units would be much better. The ending of second scenario is a bit hard and the finale of the 3rd scenario can stop you for a moment as well. 4th and 5th scenarios are surprisingly short and easy in comparison to the previous ones. I am currently stuck on 7th because the enemies seem to receive no damage or I am doing something wrong.


Ok, now I am a bit pissed, because my saved game got erased for no reason...

kbvpneofit responds:

Added saving levels to the mission menu. This is a reliable save!
If you can start the game again (the heroes disappear, and money) and play again but with the saved levels (and starting money bonuses)

I'm glad you had the translations of the words under the russian text, althought it was hard to see it as first. I think this has an amazing sound track, and you're putting alot of effort into them, but as you said this is a game from 2 years ago that you have no plans to change. It's just hard to navigate through with tons of menus that don't make sense.

kbvpneofit responds:

I spent time on this. So at least someone will play.

It makes me wonder, if you know it is so buggy, and you put as much time in it as you say, why not fix it up and then upload it? Because despite trying to have some english subtitles in it, I gotta say, the game makes no sense at all.

kbvpneofit responds:

There is no point in correcting it and it is not possible. But I agree with the assessment.
He added subtitles so that people could play. In addition, he added the opportunity to just get money, and medals if anyone needs it.

Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2019
7:11 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
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