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Censorship | Night Owl

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Censorship, often the source of heated debate concerning its methods and motivations. Ultimately it boils down to the ideas of freedom or security. On one side, censorship may be seen as a tool to provide security. On the other side, censorship may be seen do more harm than good. Today we tackle the subject.

Night Owl is a channel where we will discuss topics in both political and economic realms. I fully expect to get some things wrong within this video essay, perhaps Ill get everything wrong. If that happens feel free to point it out, and ill try my best to improve.






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Indeed it seems like there will always be people who are willing to make a statement through acts of violence, out of devotion to a cause or out of cheer indignation. And it always seems to come from individuals or groups of people whom the consensus of media has become either biased towards or neglectful off, be it for their ethnicity, their political or religous message or simply their lifestyle. And the consensus of media has always been biased and/or neglectful towards someone, since you simply can't please everyone at the same time in a society and because the political narrative calling the shots must always be opposed towards another narrative as well, in order to whip up and maintain the enthusiasm of its base, pandering towards people's preferences, their sensibilities, and humanity's competitive nature. So indeed if anything, terrorism and ideological statements through violence seems to be, if not directly caused, then certainly incentivised, more so by censorship and media bias, rather then freedom of speech and media tolerance. I really like these videos of yours, wish there were more like em' here on Newgrounds👍

Interesting stuff. I'm loving each one of your uploads!

I liked the animation style, and the mix between real clips and drawn objects. Definitely different than other things on this site, but I'd be interested in seeing the next video once it comes out.

Nicely done

Great video!