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The Bam and the Ball

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A security guard has to implement the full extent of his elite training when a bam comes along to the construction site he's guarding.

Designed and animated by Ed Smith and Patrick Selby
Written and voiced by Butsay

(Here's the lines from the script, for those who can't understand the accents but still want to follow along)

GUARD: Who’s there?!

BAM: Here… mate. Mate want to give me my ball back

BAM: Maaaate… Maaaaate!



BAM: Alright mate, gonna give me my ball.

GUARD: I'm gonna burst yer ball any more of that.

BAM: You couldn't burst a tin a beans with a helicopter

GUARD: What?

BAM: Aye you heard

GUARD: You just broke a window on a brand new house there, you're lucky am no phoning the police son!

BAM: Haaaha what the police gonna do, you gimp? You’re the one screaming about bursting balls, ya pure ball-micidal maniac.

GUARD: I mean it wee man, I'm THIS close to phoning them!-

BAM: Awwww mate, want to just shut up and give me my ball, mad chicken head man.

GUARD: NAW. Now get lost!

BAM: Why you so ragin'? Is it cause you're a mad zoo animal? Ahaha

GUARD: I'm a what?!

BAM: Look at you in your big cage all raging like a mad zoo animal ahahaha

GUARD: I'm trying to not lose my job for leatherin’ you wee man, so beat it or I swear-

BAM: Hahaaa peanuts for the zoo animal hahaha look at you man, you pure love peanuts don’t you? hahaha


GUARD: You want your stupid bloody ball. Go and GET it.

BAM: Pffft aaaaahahahaha mate is your foot a pentagon? Can't kick a ball man, get it up you

GUARD: THERE, alright…

GUARD: now get to FU-

BAM: Mate. Want to give me my ball back

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that was pretty good but a little hard to understand but once i read the script i liked it also a nice touch

BigCronch responds:

Thank you!

Thought I'd manage the accents, but the script did come in handy a bit! Entertaining work, and entertainingly different too, both dialog and style, expected and unexpected twists towards the end, contrasts in size, the teeth, how the guard fills the booth... it's all in the strange and expressive details. Fun to watch.


BigCronch responds:

Thank you so much for such a descriptive review!

haha, thank you @BigCronch, I had a good laugh off from the end of that right there: Oh yeah? well fuck. ha ha ha haa

_._ darkness resides.

BigCronch responds:

Thank you! Glad you found it funny!

Awesome voice acting! Animation too. :D

BigCronch responds:

Thank you so much! I’m the one who does all the voice acting in the sketches I write so that means a lot to me!

neds, gopnik, chavs, they're the same from here to timbuktu

BigCronch responds:

hahaha exactly! thanks for watching and the high rating!