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A Long Time Ago...

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An urgent message from a distant galaxy lands in an Island inhabited by unsuspecting folk.

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"Fun and Quirky Upbeat Retro" by Pink Zebra from audiojungle.net

"Rebirthof Evil" by Progmind on Audiojungle.net

"Fortuna" Carmina Burana

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I like the way you represented those characters. 3 absolutly different punks.

I love your characters everytime, especially i like the spinny cube guy! its always inspiring to see what you do

Love your animations this one is no exception but cannot seem to find the reason it is rated M.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Because there's poo in it

So this is... the future! The end. What will inevitably come to be.

The apple trees wobble as the strangers descend, as Gods, transcending time to relay their message. And may it land in the most responsible and considerable hands, like that of the Great Reaper and Cool Dude with a hotness that normally scorches the Earth. Or is he the Moon? Is he a mere reflection of his ever-so-bright father figure who munches crisps in the crimson cosmos, applying logic as to the reasons certain stars shine brighter than others - by the power of abundant commercial foodstuff energy?

I'm not sure where I was going with this anymore or where the finale's going after this but this was amazing. The hype has been reignited. Can't wait. Also wonder if baby Tom was actually that big... research required.