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The Cook and the Chef

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My Final Thesis for college back in 2018. A young cook challenges a master Chef to prove his worth in Cooksville.

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That was genuinely adorable! I absolutely love it! (also, Mustache looks like the Pringles man. Just thought I'd say that...)

Well that was eventful. :) The MSG confuses a bit though. Did he really deserve to win when he held that behind his back... but the other guy, did he deserve his price, arrogant as he was with his stature...? Maybe it's all saying that there's no one perfect candidate. Everyone has their strengths and their flaws. I feel like the plotline could've been a bit clearer, a bit more directed, but overall it was fun to follow, well-animated and voiced, and always impressive when it's all done without words, too. Even if in this case: it's not all self-explanatory.


Good short! ^^

We want this to be a longer series.

Very entertaining. Well done ! Love the supsens. But the green guy, what did he do?