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What would YOU do if you were a millionaire?

Meowlionaire knows what's up. This chubby cat is a modern-day Robin Hood, with pie-in-the-sky dreams of raiding a trove of gold, and redistributing the wealth to the feline working class. Rumors have been floating around about a billionaire's secret hoard, stashed up in the cloudtops. 1750 of those coins could feed the hungry for years, and if we're not kidding ourselves, nobody's gonna notice that they're gone. So Meowlionaire straps on a jetpack and launches into the clouds with a dream in her heart and a money sack in her paw. Equity for all, here we come!

[Arrows] Walk
[Z] Jump
[X] Map
[Enter] Pause

Special Moves
[Jetpack] Grab a jetpack to fly sky-high!
[Roof walk] Bump your head on the ceiling to hang down from it. This should be handy for crossing tricky gaps!

Remember to check your map often. It'll show you how many coins remain in each quadrant, so you can scour each one as needed! The game ends once you've collected every last one of the game's 1750 coins. Good luck, Meowlionaire!

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im glad i didn't play the impossible version bc i would prob rage, but thank god you fixed and this was a incredible experience, it's a simple game with simple graphics, it's really nice to explore and discover how to get the coins you didn't get, the map helps a lot too,really good game!

platformalist responds:

Hi Papakrow! Glad you waited until the patch, I felt super bad about folks getting stuck at the end! Glad you had fun with the game. :)

It's a nice little time waster. Like Tainted-Trixter, padraigpurple and others below, I had also noticed the "five unreachable coins" problem, so I tested the game again after you uploaded the new build. There are very few people that actually listen to the advice in the reviews. So kudos to you for fixing it. Keep up the good work.


platformalist responds:

Hi Marbles23! Glad you were able to get those last few coins. :) I always try to take the extra effort to respond to and consider every comment that folks make on my games, since ... well ... y'all took the time to give my games a shot! Glad you had fun, and thanks for the comment. :)

Feind! I would say I wish that I had read the other reviews before playing because then I would have known that you can't finish the game. I would say that, but what I really would have thought was 'psh.. these guys suck I bet I can do it.' Which, of course, would be more than a little bit of an untruth. Which leads me again to 'feind!'. The rest of the game is skillfully crafted (and delicious) so I have to assume that you know that those 5 coins are unreachable. As dastardly as this is I could not stop myself from playing it over and over again, knowing that I couldn't finish, but believing that I must be able to. Feind! Your games are always great fun! Keep up the awesome work!

Edit: Excellent I will give it a go. I wasn't digging on you at all. Like I said, your games are always great fun, playing this prompted me to go back through and play some of the other awesome from over the years (I just finished playing 'A Hat on Time' again as well as 'Cat Bandit' which itself is fiendish in Bandit mode.

platformalist responds:

Hi Tainted-Trixter! I uploaded a new build an hour ago (ish) that should make the game possible to complete! I imagine if you clear your cache and give it another try, the fiendish coins should behave now.

It's easy for a small team of 1 to miss a detail like that, but I should still be a little more careful on the playtesting front in the future. Glad you enjoyed the game! :)

The coin under the N in eggnog isn't possible, there are also four others. Otherwise a nice time killer.

platformalist responds:

Hi padraigpurple! I've adjusted those impossible coins, so they're now collectible. Thanks for the feedback - it really helped me track down the broken sections really quickly. :)

I enjoyed this but haven't completed it. There are 5 coins (1 & 4) that I cannot get.

EDIT: Thanks for updating the game. Really enjoyed it. I just had to see it through to the end.

platformalist responds:

Hey JeffreyDriver! Thanks for giving Meowlionaire a try. I've updated the game so those coins are accessible! :)