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kowi is a lost soul of a stranded warrior in order to rest in peace kowi must fight his way troughs the dark dungeon that is full of undead monsters and solder who seeking for revival and eating souls

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love the game mechanics, and way it looks, for people saying that there is a bug where you have to press multiple buttons to get unstuck from walls; if you walk into a wall just press the key that goes in the opposite direction once the move the way you want, for game developer just change the movement code to "if no block in front move (direction) else not. (if you could tell me what your using to make this game i could tell you using the actual code words), also is there an exit to room 3 cause i cant find it. anyways good luck on your first game! love it.

kluxos responds:

i am using unity engine and yes i encounter the movement bug in the beginning of development of the game and still looking for solution to fix it the problem of the bug happens be cause of the player movement script (grid movement) is when u move to the wall and u press the same direction again the player think there is no wall and and he keep adding force to that direction so he stuck to the wall and you need to go to the opposite direction as mush times as u moved to the wall to get him back to normal thank you so mush for your feedback !!

- Atmosphere is good - but damn, everything is so TINY...
- Also, the controls do not work correctly. After hitting a wall, you can not move correctly/get stuck. You have to press the w a s d multiple times to get unstuck, often resulting in yourself doing multiple steps and dieing as a reason.
- Infinite lives are a must here, for you have to search stuff in "unlit" rooms, you do not want to go through all the levels again. I stopped at level 3 for this reason.
- Tried to play on, but the "space" key did not work any more after writing this review, so I give up on this game. Lot of bugs to fix for now.

kluxos responds:

yes i know it is still under developement thats why there is still some bugs im still working on it and im going to release an updated version with less bugs and more story and thank you for your support it is my first game that i ever released and im so glad that i got feed back from you guys that help a lot <3

No entiendo el objetivo del juego, los posibles enemigos no se ven bien, y pueden confundirse con parte del entorno, provocando que te maten. Si pudieras agregar un botón para el sonido, es un poco molesto el tono.

kluxos responds:

gracias por sus comentarios el proyecto "kowi" todavía está en desarrollo y la inteligencia artificial enemiga todavía en la fase inicial de desarrollo voy a lanzar una versión actualizada que contienen más niveles y más detalles sobre la historia y gracias que para su apoyo