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COSMOS is a 2D platformer, shooter set in space.

Please leave feedback here: https://forms.gle/yfPoDyeirKb6EzKA8

WASD to Move
Space/W to Jump (hold to go higher)
Mouse to Aim and Shoot
For Deathmatch:
Player 1:

WASD Move and Aim
G Jump
H Shoot
Player 2:

Arrow KeysMove and Aim
/ Jump
RShift Shoot

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This is really fun! The on;y complaint I really have is that the ground doesn't go well with the resto of the game graphics other than that, very well done!

I think there's a decent core of a game here: movement feels pretty good (sometimes the jump can act a little funky), graphics are bright and explosive, and the shooting is nice. I feel like it just needs some extra touches to make it really stand out as it feels really dead and dull to me after just a few levels. While there is a nice variety of enemies in the end, the levels are very samey and don't change, the soundscape is very empty leading to a hollow feeling, and there is no significant story or progression in place to drive you forward. With those in place, I feel like this could be really great.

Citybuilder14 responds:

Thanks for the feedback
This is only a small demo so some of the features you mentioned would be in a full release

the jumping is kind of catchy but the whole blurry glare makes it worthwhile, also the machine guns kicks ass

I, too, enjoyed the 2D Metroid games.

fun game. simple controls. easy to lose track of time playing this!

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3.43 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2019
6:05 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other