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Zhenzi's Determination

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Some stuffs can't be ignored ❤️
Thanks so much for the Daily Feature!!

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I really want that YouTube's disgraced CEO Susan Wojcicki and COPPA policy were mocked and parodied with memes, and this animation is an metaphor of that. I mean, this movie is an metaphorical satire of COPPA and animation stereotypes

Sniper: Ok Boss who's the target?
Boss: The target is Zhenzi, kill him
Sniper: ok
12 seconds later
Boss: Great job you shot him in the head!!
Sniper: ammm boss i haven't shot him


Biggest "I'm not a furry, but-" moment I've ever had in my life.

😏 In the face of sexy it's banal staff, 🧐 poor virgin, could not take the blow. 🤭