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Phone That

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'Phone That' is a light platformer puzzle game where the right call can solve all your problems!

-A+D or left+right to move
-Space or up to jump
-numpad or mouse to dial numbers

The game will autosave, dial 999 if you want to reset your game. Number 100 is super useful, dial it if you get stuck.

000 voicemail
001 mute/unmute music
002 mute/unmute sound
003 phone directory
004 olfactive experience
010 menu
042 select level, press * then 2 digits
043 game progress
044 back to start
100 help line
112 emergency, 1 ambulance, 2 police, 3 pep talk
150 olympic comitee
151 coach
183 super pizza
196 bank
201 funeral services
235 youtabe
270 ghost number
294 SOS doctor
316 bob
331 build crew
357 jam comitee
395 book club
412 jane
441 wildlife center
463 prank number
501 blob's parent1
506 the monochromatic rebels club
512 the duck, extra remix
530 kuleshov display
564 lost and found
580 amazing burgers
583 bomb squad
600 eat well
612 tax services
629 the nice club
645 your family
666 devil line
680 flower services
713 movie booking
738 video game dependency center
760 sushi master
772 extra-vert
802 yogi instructor
811 husky voices - adult only
874 poison centre
995 credits
996 true ending
998 funny ringtone
999 the reset team

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Amazing game, but too short. Please make more!

gameplay 5*
graphics (retro heehehe) 5*
funnisimo 10250915915*

I seriously hope you're going to take this idea further!

a clever, great game. please make more like this!

"IMPORTANT: the phone directory must be downloaded to play."

And yet.. you don't provide a link to the frickin directory.. Now, I personally like your games.. So I went through the trouble of finding this directory.. Because it is litterally a text file.. let me help you with that..
[Edit: I did paste the list but after the author pasted it in the description my list was redundant and looked silly.]

Ta Da.. Now (once this passes judgement) other people don't need to search for it..

That being said it was a pretty fun game I do wish it was longer, though I understand it was a jam game. I hope you consider doing more with it (I am guessing you already have considered doing more as several of the numbers don't appear to be used).

Edit: Awesome fast response sir!

joqlepecheur responds:

Hello, sorry it is a mistake on my part, I thought the 'Shared Files' were accessible by everyone. I directly pasted the list.

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3.46 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2019
7:27 AM EDT