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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Sonic Mania Studiopolis Zone Act Mic Drop Sketch Vers

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Well if your computer or whatever tech you think you have that’s fast enough for 70.fps of hedgehog hope it can catch up cause this music vid bit shows that. Just wanted to show how quick Sonic is that’s all and of course for the SonicMania Collab I was welcome too. Thanks from RGPAnims.

Unfortunately i’m sorry It’s only in sketches for now but i’ll now be focusing on making shorter and less frames just so i can survive,
can’t afford rent here in Sanfrancisco I can't take it anymore I'm about to go homeless to but I want to submit this so I could move to a next project to possibly help me get paid. I'd like to eventually sell my work or finally join in a wonderful animation studio some day or at least make my series happen that would be cool It's been real difficult doing everything on my own :( .But onto the next project for now can’t seem to get things done right sometimes but I’m going to start doing better than this for now on and less frames of course lol. Thanks everyone for your support please leave comments and advice or any help would be great.

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why does this have 3 stars

so expressive! this is amazzingggggggg

duuuuuude your expressions are god-tier and your perspective shots are amazing !!!

Rovertarthead responds:

Oh thanks bro I just wish my work actually ment something in the so called buisness world ;) But yeah thank you very much Blastphysics!

Fucking terrific man, I genuinely hope you get hired somewhere because you definitely have talent. My advice is to move out of San Francisco, you can live anywhere as an animator dude. If you want to get hired by a studio in San Fran, just fly over there when you have a portfolio done.

Rovertarthead responds:

Ah Ha no wait I live here already in SF dude. But theres like no animators here that iv'e seen really I feel like im the only one here sometimes but i know im not. But anyways yea thanks man I appreciate that and i'll keep doing better. Just going to make shorter clips to get done and less frames obviously lol.