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CC2019: A new adventure???

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Author Comments

A quick entry for this year's clock day 2019. The destined hour has finally come at last! Can BB10 figure out what this fateful event is?

And yes, the clocks are reading the correct time, gahahaha!

Shout out to BB10 clock for some lore and animation assistance. Youse da real MVP!

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what a great, action-filled clockcrew movie!
excellent work as always, my good yomuchan!

i liked how the story started with BB10 on his house, getting ready to meet his king, SBC, in the royal palace.
(also, i loved how you've made such a nice use of my backrgounds, and how cleverly you've incorporated them into your movie, with your smooth animation style, it was very clever, beautiful, and nicely done, which creates a seamless, flawless effect on the whole movie, and its a great feast for the eyes, especially if we combine all that with the next scene, which is:
the car chase scene!

as for the car chase scene, its incredible:
great drawings of the characters, nicely drawn cars, roads and motion effects, and a very smooth and charming animation in general.
the whole car chase scene was excellent, from the smooth animation of SBC changing gears in his car, to the good voice-acting sync with the japanese voices+the SBC/turdy-clock talking part of the scene, while the part where pop-tart clock and the zombie character speak about the great driving skills of SBC, and about how great is his car at drifting, all those elements made the scene even better and more complete...

i just loved how you've combined the anime-show voices/audio with the car chase scene, its super good!
furthermore, i really liked how BB10 eventually realized why SBC was out on an emergency trip to europe...
it seems, he really wanted to drive, lol!

additionally, i liked all of the funny hidden details in the movie:
from SBC's driving shoes that had the symbol of weed on them, to polyhedron climbing the mountain in the background of the car chase scene (which is a reference to poly's climbing CC game), and the words in SBC's cars license plates that said: ''LOL FORKHEADS'' and ''VOTE 5''.

what a nice movie!
it was full of fluid, smooth animation, good visuals, nicely drawn characters, tons of humour, and full of epic driving action!
excellent work, my friend.

im proud to be (a small) part of this, good stuff!
be well, keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!

Most import clock flash of 2019. Belgium Drift.

OMG, what the actual clock?! It's awesome!
Also, I like the actual clock there :' D

Hey, alright. That's pretty clock.