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Strawberry Digital

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Happy Clock Day!

This time, my movie is inspired by the experiences I've had with substitute teaching, the kids I've encountered and how they are, and so on. When kids even in high school told me they didn't know how to read a regular clock, that immediately sparked the inspiration for Strawberry Digital, and every part of the movie came naturally from there!

If you enjoyed this movie, I'd appreciate it if you followed me on Newgrounds and Twitter so you can hear more news about my works as they come!


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Good movie! Also @strawberryclock personality in this is me in a nutshall lol animation needs a little improvement over all half 5 star

Underdog of the week? Aren't you one of the oldest, active contributors on Newgrounds?

It's the children who are wrong.

PinClock responds:

I wanted to find a way to put that reference there but I didn't want to have SBC vilify the children in any way. Props for you thinking the same line I was though!

Great overall, and the post-credits scene is top notch.

Clock Crew and Fortnite being in the same video is giving me some kind of horrible whiplash feeling that I can't explain or want