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Clock Day 2K19: The Offical Video Game

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One fateful Clock Day in 2019, the Locks invaded, and locked all the clocks in various places around the Internet. They also stole Redbook's communism stash! Looks like it's time for Strawberry Clock to spring into action again, to save all the clocks, as well as the manifestoes. Can't save your freinds without a little bit of undemocratic socialism.

Hey! Thanks for checking out the game. This is, if you couldn't gather from the title, a game for Clock Day 2K19. The controls are as follows:

Menu: Use the mouse to click on options.
Press M to go to the menu.
Strawberry Clock:
- Move: Left/Right arrow keys
- Jump: Up arrow key
- Dash: Press space

To beat a level, you have to collect all 3 Manifestoes without dying, and make it back to the entrance before time runs out. Note that the level will alter once the timer starts. The exception to the rule is the final stage, which has 14 Manifestoes.

All music in here belongs to the rights holders of the original works they belonged to. You can see a list of all the track names and games they originate from in the "Credits" section on the main menu.

Thanks to Redbook and Grey Clock for help with the dialouge, and thanks to BB10 for the thumbnail art!

Happy Clock Day!

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I do like this game, but due to a gltich, the game thinks that I died when I finish the first stage, making it outright impossile to win! PLEASE FIX


Im in there, im in there! hahahahahaha

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40wd responds:


Pretty alright Wario Land 4-like, but I gotta point out that 30 seconds feels like it's barely enough time to make it back and collect the Manifestos, and that there's no safety invulnerability after being hit, so one can get hit again the moment after they get hit. Also, dialogue overlaps each other in the HUB, and I couldn't find a way to play a previous level if I missed a Manifesto.

Still a fantastic concept I'd love to go through again with a bit more polish!

40wd responds:

Thanks! Yeah I didn't have many play testers so maybe the time should of been like 40 or so seconds. How did you miss Manifestoes by the way? I was pretty sure that it wouldn't you procede unless you had all of them. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2019
4:30 AM EDT
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