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Battle Tanks ll

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Complete the mission 100 Points

Complete all missions with over 20000 points.

Author Comments

Battle Tanks ll is an Action, Strategy, Languages Portuguese and English game.
Each level has different objectives to destroy amount of Tanks and destroy the Master Tank other objectives may arise as the game develops. Do not let the enemy destroy your Base if it destroys you lose the game.
Move the camera using W, D, S, A keys
or the <> buttons
Select the desired tank and then click somewhere on the map remembering you can select multiple tanks.
if the attack button is activated your tanks attacked the enemy tanks automatically
press the button and a Shop menu will appear and you can buy different tanks types and values
press the button and a menu will show the Mission Objective when completing the Objectives will appear 3 Options Return to Menu, Play again at same level and go to next level
Pause the game
This Button is for pausing the game.
This is Battle Tanks ii, meet Battle Tanks 1 there you will be able to create your own custom levels completely edit the game Level editor based on this Link https://gamejolt.com/games/TanquesMapaCriador/268290
Watch the video to know the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNWFOuyWFEQ

New update 08/14/2019 [New enhancements] check out the game Guys leave comments on what you think of the game update

In the next version I will add the Map Editor mode, where you will have the option to create custom maps, tell me would be good?

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Isn't it hilarious to stock up on tanks and just dominate the opponent? :D

LucasCCB responds:

hahaha you discovered the game strategy, congratulations

Seus jogos são incríveis, parabéns!

LucasCCB responds:

obrigado meu amigo eu posto poucos jogos por aqui voce pode encontrar muito mais dos meus jogos no site da gamejolt

My man *laughs* i was joking you

I mean yeah its difficult but its not the worse game lol

I cant believe you felt on that one

LucasCCB responds:

want to be funny, do not make jokes in bad taste, but okay I'm glad you brought back.

I currently have the high score, but I'm sure that I'll get passed up on that eventually. For some reason when I first started I thought this game was way too hard. In fact, I tried 4-5 times and simply couldn't get pass the first level. I decided to mix it up a little and noticed you could in fact start from any level. I started at level 2, and stayed in defense mode until I had about 3-4 of the strongest ships. I then went into attack mode and just kept buying the two different best tanks back and forth. This got me past this level with little difficulty. The boss did make it through, but I had just enough to buy one more expensive tank and the cheapest one. This was enough to finish him off.

The rest of the game was super easy from there. Since you get a bunch of cash for beating the final boss and start the next level with the cash that you kept from the last level you can go ahead and buy about 10 of the toughest tanks right from the beginning. I actually even saved up enough cash sometimes to go ahead and fill my ranks with 20 of the toughest tanks right off the back. Basically it was just a waiting game until the end of the level at that point and really took no strategy past the first level.

So a few things I guess with no specific order.

It's weird that the 2nd level was kind of easier than the first level to me.

It's odd that you can just choose whatever level to start off with.

I don't know why you can just keep continuing over and over on the levels that you've already passed and continue to add to your score. The only reason I eventually lost was so I could just finish the game. Meaning anyone with enough patience can beat my high score with little effort because the game just kind of plays itself eventually. In fact, I just let the game play in the background the entire time I wrote this review.

Why can't we see what the tanks do? What's the difference between all of the tanks? When we hover our mouse over them we should be able to see what's so special about them. They need ratings like, Health, defense, attack, and speed.

If the game had been more difficult you could add more options such as mines and special abilities for every version of a tank. Some could have a strong missile attack, some a shield, some could go invisible to get better position on enemies etc...

As other reviewers have already said the screen is too small. The game is kind of unclear at first, but after reading you introduction in your description it really is a pretty simple and clear cut game. Clicking and moving tanks was difficult, but I found also useless. I never used it on any successful run of the game.

Overall, a very basic game that is way too easy once you figure out how to get past a level. Simple things such as adding ratings to the tanks so you can make decisions on what's best for each scenario instead of just assuming the top 2 most expensive tanks are the only real option you should go with.

I think you can make this into a great game eventually.

LucasCCB responds:

Thanks for the comment my friend I really have to improve a lot yet, Of course Congratulations you have the geito played very well.

2 things:
1. It would be good to be able to see the stats of the tanks in the shop, like damage inflicted, armor and speed;
2. Even if you are just opening the shop the selected tanks recognize the click as the destination where they should go, this should be fixed.

LucasCCB responds:

you're right i'll fix this