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Hermit Girl of NY : Foamy The Squirrel

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Germaine needs to get out....
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i love the toe curling.

thanks for reminding me of all those words

Foamy could help wake America up and make all the citizens learn.
There's so much shit I'd ban to help improve everyone's lives.
We could even stop the government from trying to control people.
All the annoying-ass retards who piss me off could finally be admitted.
Logan Thirtyacre would finally get the help he deserves to improve.
And maybe his girlfriend Chilly would finally stop being a gold-digging thot.

Such a wonderful philosophy foamy has.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmBagel. Boisterous Bagel Blasting from Boobielicious Baristas Bar my Bitching from Beginning to Bother the Boomers who Blight the Basic Barometer of Blistering Bakas!