Life is Snot

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A Snot just lives ONE minute.
Life is Snot was made in under 48 hours for the GMTK game jam by Noa Calice, aka Blackthornprod (art, game design, sounds) and Jonas Tyroller (programming, game design, music)!
Move with ARROW keys.
Find ALL Snot girls.
Jonas Tyroller GAME DEV youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/JonasTyroller

Blackthornprod GAME DEV youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/blackthornprod

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Very nice.

Nice short game, the idea is really cool and the mechanic too, the music is good and art too, it feels like a magical forest and each creature there behaves it own way, feeling very alive, the 1 minute mechanic also makes you need to explore and test, you may restart sometimes but it feels worthy when you make your route of actions, kinda did take some time for me bc of the big one up there bc i knew the place of only 8, but i dont feel the game was unfair to me.

Just one problem, the one in the blue "cave" it took some time, i thought it was possible to jump up there in the early seconds of the snot but couldnt, after some time exploring other parts i thought the way was collecting the orange snot and coming back (i thought it was special and maybe expand the life spam),after some frustration i thought it was a amazing puzzle like "lets jump and when i get older i will be stuck there and will be able to fly there", i was kinda disappointed when i discovered i just needed to be really old, bc it is simple and when i was able to fly i couldnt enter so didnt come across my mind that the more older i would be smaller... i think that kinda was bad and hard to discover... but i still give 5 stars bc it wasnt so bad thing

i would appreciate the game wasnt just for the jam and were bigger, bc it is really fun and cool idea, i hope you make another sequence of some sort, i came up with 3 possible ways i think it would be cool to see:

1 - more levels is the simple idea i guess, this way more play time
2 - maybe if it was a random generate map with random placement of things could be cool to play the game again and again to pass differente puzzles each time
3 - this is probably the best option i think, having more than just the snot playable, or maybe more snots that have some other quirks? anyway i would love to have more mechanics and creatures besides living only one minute

EDIT: i came up with another idea about the number 3, maybe you could mate with other creatures like a flying snob, then you would play as the child of this, the child would inherent both quirks of the snob parents ; 1 minute life spam + flying

MUSIC! IS! AWESOOOOOMME! fun game too hehehe

allright whaddya hidding on the left section of the screen

Game Jam was really cool, i didn't get to upload a game but it's awesome. Great game btw.

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3.32 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2019
4:47 PM EDT
Adventure - Other
  • Unity