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Drive Nero

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PC Hotkeys:

Space = jump

Enter = Pause

Q = Restart

M = change music

T = Mute

This is a touch screen game, so clicks are the main controls.
It may take a minute to load...

Drive Nero is an endless runner inspired by Google Chrome's T-Rex runner. Music is organized by samples from soundimage and Flowlab. This is my very first game and my first game to be in the app store. That being said, this games was intended to be on mobile devices so clicking the game may be required. If there are any suggestions or if anything wrong, please let me know in the comments and I'll fix it up.

This game was made on a different game engine called Flowlab that's built into the browser. You can learn more at flowlab.io

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ok so i liked the google one, wasted way to much of my time playing it lol. but this version is good, im not sure if i like the idea of having a background that shares the same color as the obstacles, hurt my eyes but it did make it more difficult. the google version sped up a lot faster too. i like it. great first game. hope you make more, and that they only get better.

JR01Games responds:

Thanks for the Feedback and glad you liked it!
This game was a HUGE learning curve with the programming, that I could even say that it wouldn't be the same game if I were to remake it now. I have many games I would like to do, if when the free time is available, so do look forward for those!

chrome raptor but in a car i dig it

This game is fun and fantastic! Fantastic on Flowlab, even better on NewGrounds! 5/5!

Fun little endless runner. It controls well, and the music really got me in the mood to keep going. A scoreboard would be nice, as would a way to cycle back to songs instead of going through the entire list.

JR01Games responds:

There is a score board but if you mean a global board, that feature is unavailable for now.
Good idea about the music, though I'm not sure how I would implement it as a touch screen feature. All suggestions are appreciated.

Glad to hear you like the game!

why does it take so long to load

JR01Games responds:

The game was made on a website that uses servers like cloud saves. Please check your connection if it doesn't load after a minute.