The Knight & The Unholy Quest

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The Game Takes place in the medieval times where you play as a Brave Knight who has been tasked with saving the prince. Journey across the land of dead in order to complete the Unholy Quest.


WASD or Arrow Keys- Movement
Space or LMB- Attack
Esc- Pause Menu
R- Restart Level

Note- If the buttons in pause menu don't work, press Esc button to resume and M to return to menu.

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Fun but simple.

*Clicks game* *Game loads* "Holy Moley! I can't see the rest of NewGrounds!"

I found this game a bit entertaining and had a killer ending.

I had a little laugh about going into the details a bit into the game.
I just stand there, swing my double-edged sword that looks like a sowing needle and the enemy is just obliterated into small chunks. Not only that, the knights strength is so powerful, you could see the shock wave afterwards!
Also, Looong hallway for the castle. I guess that gives it the feel of the castle being enormous .-.

The game crashes right after the title screen. It sounds interesting though, I'll make sure to leave a review when you've uploaded a functioning version of your game! Just shoot me a message when it's working!

EDIT: The game works fine with the link you provided, thank you. The game itself is nice, I enjoy the graphic and the responsiveness of the controls. However I wish the sword attack wouldn't have such a huge starting lag. An ending lag would be perfectly fine and reasonable, but attacking with the sword feels counter intuitive. Like you have to attack before the enemy is even in reach. Very difficult timing, I'd reconsider the attack lag.

Also there are some small bugs with the spikes in the ground and the chests on them. I think it's the first lava/volcano level. You can actually make a huge jump on the chest in the middle of the spikes, which should obviously be safe. But that jump is impossible. Even if you land pixel perfect on the chest, you still die by spikes.

Other than that I really enjoyed the game!

GamingOverdose responds:

Hello, I don’t know why this problem occurs because it has never happened to me or others can you describe it a bit more so I can try troubleshooting it, till then you can play my game on my itch.io link:- https://gamedevoverdose.itch.io/the-knight-the-unholy-quest

Graphics need work, the style isn't bad, but you have other entity body parts overlapping the main character when you walk through them. Also, the background is very repetitive, try to mix it up a bit. I like the particle effects and camera effects when killing enemies but with only one type of attack it gets boring fast.

Enemies - hit boxes suck, giant squares, its easy but at least try to shape them a little bit so you don't die so easily when jumping over them. Also since certain enemies can attack, only kill the player or do damage WHEN they attack, touching them shouldn't kill you instantly in my opinion.

The... ending. The boulder threats and this cop stuff is such a meme and really kinda kills the game. I didn't like the ending, if the meme was your intention then cool but otherwise BOO

GamingOverdose responds:

I will try to upgrade the graphics and fix some of the technical things in the update.

Pretty fun until the boulder part, for some reason it seemed as though I could do it perfectly the first few times and then got progressively harder, almost like it was spawning sooner and sooner, even though it was the same part. Additionally the second boulder killed me every time and I'm not really sure its possible. Eventually I just tried baiting out the boulders, which worked for the first one, but not for the second.

Edit: Thank you!
Also, there's a 3rd boulder!?!?

Followup edit: I realized that I didn't really talk about my favorite part of the game, which was the platforming! I enjoyed the level layouts and really felt the momentum on the boxes. It made speedrunning those sections entertaining!

GamingOverdose responds:

I Will reduce the boulder’s speed in the update.

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3.10 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2019
5:16 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Unity