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Mufasa Brainwashes Simba

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So I was watching the Lion King and thought "Man, if you think about it, this Circle of Life shit could be debunked in like, two seconds."

Let's face it, Mufasa probably isn't in a position to be dishing out any form of spiritual advice.


"At The Shore"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Shit, i never knew that. Thanks, Mufasa

I remember when Mufasa said that in the movie.

This is not really brainwashing. The cricle of life is no made up nonsense. If there were no carnivors, the herbivors would eat all the gras, so it is connected.
Also a lion cannot really do anything about being a lion, Musafa actually has some good points here. Like "school can't teach you philpsohy", i agree on that.

Ofcourse lions cannot think like humans or talks in real life ect. But im just going in on the philisophy here and I dont consider most of what Musafa says brainwashing.

It was funny though, thats why I give 3,5 stars.

"You can't learn this stuff at school Simba, I had to learn all this stuff on my own." I used to have thoughts like these all the time in school, like "Aren't we just a bunch of animals, all herded into a classroom, while one animal preaches some imaginary gospel of thoughts and ideas of how the world and the universe works that they read in a book or heard from another animal, meanwhile we aren't just all clubbing each other with sticks or rocks, its truly amazing that this event is happening at all"

welp ther it goez