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Kitty Kitty Bonce Bonce 0.1

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Author Comments

Kitty Kitty Bonce Bonce is the first game of Fluff & Puff and also the very first completed creation of Liquid Darkness. The game tells a kitty's story you will hopefully find interesting or even immersing.
The mechanics are brutally simple - the paddle follows your cursor and the bonce (ball, kitty) will bounce around, destroying blocks.
I am fully aware that this game has soo much space for improvement and I will continue to develop it as I develop my skills as developer (I'm a smooth talker, ain't I?).
I'd be thrilled if you could leave some feedback, please (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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I think what ChemLogic89 is trying to say is that the text is not contained within the size of the playable screen. after passing the first lvl (which seems automatic, i didn't even play) the first readable line is "tried snuggling with them..."

LiquidDarkness responds:

Oh, right, I see it now. I'll take care of it immediately. Thanks for letting me know!

It's way too big.

LiquidDarkness responds:

What do you mean?