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The Wasp - Vargskeletoon 2

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This glorious moment occurred live on Joel's Super Mario Medley stream way back on June 13th 2019

Originally, the 'attack' lasted well over 18 minutes and there's no way I'd have time to animate all of it, so I cut it down to a more manageable 4 minutes. I tried to include all the best moments but I may have missed a few.

Anywho, please enjoy this monstrosity~

Check out Joel's variety game streams over on Twitch; https://www.twitch.tv/vargskelethor

Feel free to check out my art streams on Twitch;

Check out Gooseworx's music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvpFAiRcY96CjKwiGHgwpg

Check out IncendiaryStarfishes artwork: https://twitter.com/incendiarystar

Stream where the audio originated; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCsmMNK4vzs&t=1s

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Dude, this is so funny lol

Expand Dong.

As someone who has an intense phobia of flying stingers, I feel Joel's pain. By a lot. Great job animating the sheer combination of terror and frustration, as well as how much the wasp simply doesn't care until it actively gets attacked.

Was it me, or did he play a couple chords of "Master of Puppets" towards the beginning lmao

Joel is my favourite vinesauce streamer, because he makes me laugh everytime i watch one of his videos. It's like, replay value but in a video. If someone sees this comment, then i recommend you watch a Joel video, and have a great time