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TD-Extra Life

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At the end of the year, Dave needs just a bit more time to finish those last remaining projects to get first year finally over with.

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That part near 1:30 was pretty funny.

Much as I squirm at giving a high score for something that has no sound apart from the narration and isn't even really animated beyond the blinking in and out of a couple of moments, it all works, its entertaining and the art is very good, so yeah, job done.

love your vids man! keep it up!

Hey dude! Are you still making these? Cause it's been four months and I know you usually post one every 4 months. It's one of my favorite animated series and I would really love it if you could, at least, finish your story if you don't want to make any more... Something like a 1 hour special to wrap everything up either up until today or right after college or whatever you consider is best. It's an incredible series and loved every minute of it. Cheers.

Raziberry responds:

I'm drawing the next one right now! Sorry, I've been very busy these days. They're coming!

Sometimes, "good enough" really *is* good enough. Congrats, dude.