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RCP:Madness S01E04: Resurrection

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By unknown means, Freddy comes back to life with a powerful gift. He breaks into H.P.P.S HQ where he suspects he'll find Maxim and can end him.

After 11 months, the long-awaited animation is finally completed. Only in January 2019, I started work on scene 4 out of 17.


Q: You say 17 scenes, but I counted 16.

A: It was really hard for me to keep going with this project, so I ended up scrapping Scene 16 because I just couldn't anymore. It was a huge relief not doing the most complicated scene.

Q: Will there be more?

A: There sure will, I'll just try to keep them shorter for now.

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1 probem the music

Väga kena animatsioon !

Äge näha veel eestlasi siin :D

RoetCarPower responds:

On tõesti äge.


this looks pretty nice, have its story so far, the animation is decent just a few questionable time, ex: "i'm 2 feet away but i miss somehow", the musics are hard to see when it fit in, the sounds are very meh to firearms, could chose else than CS:GO sfx.

i like the Movement and the history.

Prov22 responds:

I like you too <3