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Download the full game from here

Test of a simple sliding block puzzle game.

To reduce the size and to load faster I have removed the BG music.

Sloc is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle game.

How to play:

Click and move using the left mouse button.


I will be waiting for your feedback

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Game is fine, although a little boring ( I agree with the number of moves or a time limit (some kind of incentive to keep playing)) The music is so ambient that it makes me sleepy (don't change it!) But I see nothing wrong with it.

Lakshaymavia responds:

Thanks a lot. Yes I am working on Coin system currently. And there is a limit on the number of moves else you have to spend the coin. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Just want to ask you something. Do you think the colors of the game are okay? and did you had any issue when you were sliding the block?

Not bad. I haven't finished all of the levels yet, but so far it doesn't seem very challenging. I would recommend at least adding a bonus for finishing levels in the minimum number of moves (or at least a small number of moves) to give it some more challenge while still letting people progress if they finish the level regardless of how many moves they take (since some players suck and will downrate you if they can't win).

I have left and come back, and I would like a way to resume at the last level I was on when I left. Either with it auto-continuing wherever I left off, or with a level select screen that shows which levels I've finished so I can pick the next one I haven't done yet.

The only other thing is that sometimes when I click on a square to move it, I'll want to move it up/down or left/right, but the program will start moving it the other way and I have to abort the move and retry. I'd prefer if it didn't do that.

Lakshaymavia responds:

Thank you so much for this detailed review. I really appreciate it and I love it. Yes All these level are not that hard but I as these are the starting level I don't want this to be hard. I was too thinking about the no. of moves or the star rating system. I will add that. And also when you start play it will take you to the last played level.
And I want to about the last point. I have the same issue sometimes that's why I make the functionality that if the block move to some other position then only It will count move. As you are also a dev ,If I increase the drag force I think it will not look responsive. Thank you again for your suggestion. I will work on it.

I think it's interesting, but there needs to be a tutorial because I was so confused on how the tile sliding works.

Lakshaymavia responds:

Hey Gene, I have added the tutorial but as this is a webgl build there was some issue. And I forgot to check that. Now I have added It. Thank you so much for reviewing.

It took me a while to figure out how everything works but after that I had a solid time with this one. It's a decent puzzler.

Lakshaymavia responds:

I have added the tutorial but as this is a webgl build there was some issue. And I forgot to check that. Now I have added It. Thank you so much for reviewing.

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3.10 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2019
6:10 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding