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Scottish Trainer's Revenge

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Here's an alternate scene from the previous Comic I made, but this time it's fully animated with voice acting!

A huge thank you to LethGaba from GabaLeth for showing me the ropes on video editing. This would not be possible without his advice :D

Another big thank you to MinhyVa for giving Scottish Trainer a voice! I can't be more happy with the overall result!

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Stand master: Scottish trainer
Stand name: Ninty Fifty
Destructive Power: A
Speed: B
Range: B
Persistence: A
Precision: A
Developmental Potential: B

this should be an actual anime can't change my mind

The voice, the paning, the animation, and the JoJo reference, everything is superb!
I love that "to be continued" Roundabout meme lol
That Pokemon is crying while he's getting pummeled, he knew he dun' messed up.

So...Ash's Bizzare Adventure anyone? He's gotta catch them all before his rival Gary can gather them and harness their power to transform himself into the super ultimate Pokemon and bring humanity to extinction!

if she drinks whiskey she'll activate her true powers

Dunni touch me ya foken cant