The Bible Genesis 18

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This is an animation about the events in Gensis 18-19.
It's the story about Lot and his family living in Sodom And Gomorrah.

Animation by Agu Rex UD

Animated in
Blender Grease Pencil 2.8 (character only in the first Scene and last)


Krita (for environment)

Hitflim Express (for editing)

Audacity (for audio)

God bless you all and keep you safe.

#OpenToonz #blender #Genesis

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Men, I wish there would be more of these kind of animated adaptations of Bible stories. Most of the ones that come out tend to water down the source material, going sometimes as far as to infantilize the whole thing.

AguRex responds:

Hai... Don't worry, I plan to tell tge story exactly as the bible did.
Including the story of David , Esther, Solomon etc

You can follow me here, Facebook and youtube.

I post most of my wIP on YouTube. Not sure if it's allowed here.

Wonderfully done, though I would have liked to have seen your animated adaptation of what the angles appeared like in their true forms.

AguRex responds:

Yeah... I wanted to do that too. But I came lazy at the end. It was a 4 weeks project.

I appreciate this animation, but most of the verses in the bible give me incredible pause - this being one of them.

Besides the Sadam rulers sacrificing babies, I see no point in the reason why the whole city would be destroyed. You're telling me that in a city of thousands that only one man was "righteous" enough?

Not to mention why god would turn Lot's wife into a pillar of salt for looking back? Surely massive pillars of fire raining from the heavens would be an eye turning event? Maybe she turned back to make sure that they were actually safe? There would be no reason to turn her into salt since she didn't really partake in sacrificing babies...

I love the animation though but I'm not a personal fan of the bible...

Response to Author:

Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, glad that I got context from the background and a sample of the environment of Sadam. If that's the case then I see that the destruction of Sadam was justified then... maybe... but couldn't God or one of the Angels come down and visit Sadam to convert the citizens?

Sending Angels disguised as men for a clandestine extraction operation doesn't really give the people of Sadam the chance to "repent" so to speak when they're all reduced to ashes.

Anyway, onto the wife turning into a pillar of salt, you're saying that bearing witness to the fires of heaven and looking at them causes a human to turn into salt? Just what happens when a human does so? I mean, I'd expect her eyes to go blind due to the brightness of the explosions; this is what happens when looking directly at a Nuclear weapon going off but I wouldn't really say that a human would literally turn into salt unless that's done on purpose? If God were an all-poweful being would he not compel her to not look at the flames?

I also question just how righteous Lot is when he'd rather have his own children be raped rather than mere random strangers that could potentially be just as bad as the men in the city? The Angels did come disguised as humans so he wouldn't really know their origin.

I also fail to see how a city of this terrible nature can possibly exist in the first place considering that the men were so ready to do terrible things to the newcomers - terrible things that they've likely done to themselves? The amount of vengeance and hatred within this peculiar society would leave mountains of corpses. Perhaps in a decade or so the city would've destroyed itself by internal collapse or warfare from neighboring territories?

AguRex responds:

If you read the chapter you would know the men from the town wanted to rape the two men who were angels in disguise.
And lot tried to offer his daughters in place of them and they threatened to kill him and his family after they were done raping the men.

I know God is just and merciful. They must have done a lot more disgusting acts before God made that decision.

And even when he made that decision he talked to Abraham to see if someone could plead on there behalf.

Lot was righteous not because he never sinned... After all he offered his virgin daughters to be raped instead of the angels in disguise. Lot was righteous in God's eye because he didn't practice or worship any other gods but The God of Abraham.

Also... If you told someone not to light a firework indoors let's say a rocket type.
And they do because they like the beautiful patterns it makes.

When the die of smoke inhalation or the burns them to death because they disobeyed is it the fault of the person who warned them?
Is the person who warned he or she now charged with murder??

The angels knows what will happen if a human saw the fires from heaven so he told them in advance not to look back.
Lot and his two daughters listened. His wife was the only one who looked back.

It's like having a warning label on a hot cup of coffee and someone still drinking it, get burned and then blame the barista as the person who burnt her or him.

Everyone has free-will.
The fact you ask these questions is a testament to it.
If God was ruthless or evil he would strike you dead if you were exposing him. But God has no need to fear you or your critics. A child can put up a argument that seems logical to him about staying up late and eating junk food for every meal but his parents knows better.

Someone in 50's can't hope to understand how a smartphone works. Someone in the 40s can't hope to understand how metal weighting a ton can fly...
In this respect, so we humans can't hope to under how things in heaven works... But the angels did and warned them in advance. The angels placed a warning label on it.
The Bibel didnt say God turned her into a pillar of salt... To people in heaven it's logical that someone in mortal flesh will become that if the looked at it.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it a lie. It's like someone who doesn't understand math saying it's all a lie.

Lot and Abraham knew those men were not ordinary men. Those who worship could tell.
The angels refused multiple times to go Lot's house but Lot insisted because he knew how dangerous that city was. The angels originally wanted to stay in the middle of the city.

Lot wasn't a perfect man... But his faith and willingness to please God made him righteous in God's eye.

We are born in sin... So even our righteous works are filthy in God's sight. It's by faith alone can we be righteous in God's eye and our faith in God changes or evil nature.

People always say why doesn't God punish or judge evil people .... This is an example of God's judgment on an evil city.

You talk about dead bodies Pilling up?
God gives stages of sin that a city commits before judgement comes on it... The last are usually sexual perversion and cannibalism.

And there are cities or country in our modern times that are meeting this qualifications.

If a third world war happens that city or country would fall.

Back in the old testament God looked for a reason to spare the city or a way to make them stop sinning but in our modern times Jesus Christ is the reason God delays judgement and by accepting Jesus Christ we can live a righteous life or at least aim for it.

Menesa was a King in the bible.
He sacrificed his children to idols, he sawed the prophet Isaiah in half with a wooden saw.
He was worst than Stalin or Hitler.
But God brought calamity on him and was he was taken as prisoner.
And in the prison he repented .
When God gave him his freedom he torn down the idols and started worshipping the God of his fathers King David.

God is quick to forgive if you truly repent from your heart.

One last thing...
You say Lot wasn't that righteous.
If God spared Lot and his family from Judge because he deemed Lot righteous imagine how evil the rest of the city were?

In bible , there's a story of a prostitute who saved the Israelites that came into the city to spy on the city and because of that act God saved her and she became a great great great grandmother of Jesus Christ.

If you look at things with a dirty lens all you see is dirt. The world has gave a bad picture of God so more matter what Good God does they can always Twist it to evil... Just like the people of Sodom.

The world ask for God to punish evil and when he does they say it's to cruel. God punish evil by his own standard not us humans that give intense punishment for rape and child molestation a decade ago now it's either a slap on the wrist or 6 months jail time.

I can convince the world God is good. The world needs to find fault with God so they can justify leaving him and living their sinful lives... Just like a girl would do things to ruin a good relationship with a good guy just because she found someone else and doesn't want to be the one who broke up a perfectly good relationship.

love the art design. and despite me not being a man of faith, i can appreciate animated scripture. if you need a narrator/voice, i can help out

AguRex responds:

Hai... Thanks a lot. 😊

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