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Welcome to THE LEGEND OF BUBBLE BOBBLE. Where the only sound you'll hear is your own heart pounding as you race through 4 short dungeons to pay back Bob all those rupees you borrowed.

WASD and N / M
Arrow Keys and Z / X
Press R to restart game
Press ENTER to start / pause
Full screen button hidden in top right corner

This game is fairly primitive as it's supposed to emulate the style of Bubble Bobble and The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Edit 2:
Thanks Tom for front page!

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Sooooo nostalgic!

its a REALLY GOOD game for

sidenote:i dont know if its normal but in some of the rooms when you get hit you are sent in a room where you recieve 2 ruppies and a watermelon

This is a great example of why games in the good old days were so good: it has fun gameplay that's straight to the point and pretty challenging. Kudos for making game mechanics that are really entertaining. There's no map, and that's kinda true to the style back then; Zelda would give you primitive maps that just show room and boss locations but I remember other games from back in the day where if you wanted a map you had to get a pencil and paper and make it.

I had no idea what the man was talking about when he told me to find him at a certain place since there's no way to know the room numbering system or how to open the secret door until I read through the comments (I never would have intentionally tried that on my own as a way of opening the door), but now that I tried it, yeah that does make the game super hard. Also not sure how to get to the watermellon on the left in the first dungeon, but maybe I'll stumble across a way to do it. IDK if there's a lot more secrets hidden around, but that definitely boosts the game's score in my eyes. The only gripe I have is what other people already commented on: occasionally rooms seem like they almost insta-kill you when you walk in or respawn, but there aren't many of those.

Also, I thought I got the only ending when I saw that I'm not a good friend to Bob, but now that I read WatchRyder's comment I'm wondering how many endings there are.

FUCKING INGENIOUS MY FRIEND!! Great concept and cross over! Captures the nes feel completely!

Good blast from the past but you need a few seconds of shield to prevent respawn deaths. Plus collision detection and bubble emitting is a bit iffy near walls.

I didn't get his rupees, but did duff him up and teamed up at the end. I guess that was one ending?

But great job on ressurecting this gem.

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3.39 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2019
3:00 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG