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Toy Story 4: Child's Play w/ Chucky & Annabelle

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Woody and Buzz find themselves in a strange new environment with some unique new friends. What do Chucky & Annabelle have in store for them? Will they make it out in one piece? Find out now! ??

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In my opinion, the animation style is cool, the voices really convincing, the story and script very good. The only thing that could be better in my opinion is the motion that was a little odd. I know that is very difficult to do animations and it take a lot of time, so, despite of some details your work is amazing =-)

this is oof!!!

so basically i think the animation could be better but the story and stuff is really good so yeah YEET BRUH

execution = 1
story = 8

lol there not even running... its like there taking a sunday stroll in the park...

idea, good.
execution, bad.
Srsly, the animations are bad. I shouldnt complain since i cant animate myself for sheats but really, its emotionless and mostly not even fitting to the situation, which is petty sad...i mean, "run, woody, run" pretty much says all what i mean with this i guess...

Eh, thought this could have been better. I mean, the animation wasn't that good. The concept is still pretty nice. I just wanted to see Annabelle more. She didn't really help Chucky much. I loved how you included those posters at the end. Yep, they exist.

As the movies were released on the same day, that makes perfect sense. They should have had the poster say "Andy's Coming". They should've just tried to stab Chucky. I think they can still feel pain. It is odd how they could hold it off until humans live.