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Find The Alien

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To read Clues: Use the numbered circular buttons
To kill: Use the rectangular red Kill Button

Earth is being invaded by aliens. These aliens have the capability to learn our ways and turn into humans. We do not know if they are friendly, so we have to kill them before they completely blend in. Be careful, the fate of the world rests on you.

Also images are taken from creative commons, from various sources listed below:

And thumbnailImage was taken from here: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/toys-astronaut-rocket-planet-3644073/

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extremely buggy and you cant even see the things

Okay, i have no idea what is going on. It doesn't seem to matter what the clues are or what the image show, i always kill humans.

123survesh responds:

I will let you in on the secret to cracking the game, look out for inanimate or non human things talking like humans in the clues. You will kill all the aliens

After a few rounds, the hitbox for the right 'Kill' button and one of the clues disappeared. So I just killed the left subject and won with statistics.

I'm interested in playing the game as it's intended, but I haven't seen Wick operate cleanly anywhere.

123survesh responds:

I will try remake the game in another platform 😅, and possibly add some good art to it

The aliens are extremely easy to find and the writing is pretty terrible.

123survesh responds:

How many levels did you reach ermac? The aliens in the farther rounds should be harder. Were they easy for you as well? Well if they weren't, I just made it easy I guess, its supposed to be a casual puzzle game that you can play in 15 minutes 😅

I'm not liking this Wick thing so far...did you intentionally make this game bad or is Wick that bad?

123survesh responds:

Well I coded the game and I am responsibile for all the negative aspects of the game. I am sorry that you didn't like the game. I will try my best next time. Do tell what aspects made your experience awfull.