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oh, is THAT what that means?

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NOTE: Only works on Firefox! This is due to glitches in the ancient version of Wick Editor I used.

• • • description • • •

Match puns with pictures in this cheeseball 2-player quiz!

If you're stumped, you can always buy letters Hangman-style to reveal the answer...but it'll cost ya!

• 30 puzzles total

• Play with a friend! (Seriously, you have to. There's no 1P mode.)

• Way too many awful puns

• Original music and graphics

• Made with Wick Editor for #WickJam2019!

• • • troubleshooting • • •

• Q: The game glitches/freezes/crashes/does not work properly

- A: Make sure you're using the newest version MOZILLA FIREFOX. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are NOT supported by Wick Editor games. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about this until Wick is updated!

• Q: Nothing happens when I click "Solve"

- A: You might have blocked alert dialogs from this page. Close the tab and open this page in a new one to fix the issue. If that doesn't work, try changing your browser settings or add-ons.

• Q: I keep seeing the same puzzles over and over

- A: You probably have site data storage disabled. This game uses localStorage to determine which puzzles you've seen.


(...on Firefox!!!)

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wish i chold play it but i have a Chromebook...witch only has chrome...but looks good so 5/5

happycrazywild responds:

Thank you! :D I plan to release an updated version at some point that supports Chrome. Stay tuned!

It's a pretty fun and cute little game

happycrazywild responds:


Just so you know, I'm using Google Chrome, and the game runs perfectly well. The first puzzle was "Talking to Yourself."

For the record, it's a fun Wheel of Fortune style game, and the option to use two players is appreciated.

EDIT: Windows 10. From I can see of the other projects submitted in Wick, they CAN run in Chrome, but they may do so with errors. Your game worked fine for me; one of the others hangs and refuses to load graphics properly. And as you insinuated, it may depend on the systems running the game.

happycrazywild responds:

Thanks! I'm not sure what caused this game to hang on Chrome when I tried it (I'm using 64-bit Windows 10), but I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Which OS are you running?

Got to admit, I thought this would be pretty awful from all the warnings in the comments, but it was enjoyable and well presented. I wasn't wild about the text windows (presumably Wick doesn't give you a better way of doing this) and some of the puzzles weren't actually puns in the style of Dingbats/ Catchprase etc. but actual descriptions. For instance- *spoiler* 'stuck together' was literally two people stuck together.

There's a lot you can do with this too, if you decide to update it. A timer would certainly add some tension, and stop potential rows about people taking too much time!

happycrazywild responds:

Thanks for giving it a chance, and I'm glad you liked it! And yeah, a timer's a good idea to cut down on super-long turns.

Okay, at least this is a well made game using Wick. I like the Wheel of Fortune-type gameplay.

happycrazywild responds:

Thanks for playing! :)