Balls to the Brawl

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Balls to the Brawl is a side-scrolling beat-em-up, modeled after old-school games like Streets of Rage, but with deep fighting mechanics and challenging bosses. The game intends to give you a satisfying ego-trip as you wreak havoc across the island to the final tower, where you will meet Ryu and have the final fight! But what ending will you end up getting...?

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WauJp6O1KoU

*Old-school Streets of Rage/Final Fight beat-em-up fun meets modern fast-paced combat and combo-cancelling design!
*Get straight to the gameplay! No boring cutscenes or overly-long tutorials!
*7 levels to fight through, each with a unique and challenging boss fight!
*Two possible endings! Will you fight the secret boss?
*Looking to just have fun? Use our difficulty cheats and mods to give you all the power you want!
*Looking for a challenge? No damage sponges here: Hard Mode means more aggressive AI and all-new boss patterns!
*The exciting conclusion to the L337 kr3w series! (if anyone knows what that is!)
*Original Music by Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez! ( https://twitter.com/pgonzfern ) ( https://pedrogonzalezfernandez.bandcamp.com/ )
*Referential humor woo


Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - Special attack (costs meter)
X - Basic attack
C - Dodge
A - Taunt (transform when meter full)

(mouse necessary for menus and some interactions)

Glad I was able to get this game that I started like a decade ago out before Flash died! The plot isn't that important but it is based off of my previous movies; sorry for anyone that was waiting the whole time after Ryu's Revenge! Hope you have fun!

(Credits to Street Fighter for intro music, as well as Ryu fight song)
(Credits to Super Star Wars for logo music)
(Credits to various games such as Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, Half-Life 2 for sound FX)

EDIT: Woohoo! Thank you for front page and the kind words!

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Pretty fun, although I think that the game needs some spice to sustain itself for the longer levels. While I appreciate not making the enemies pure bullet sponges, it does end up becoming button mashy due to how frantic the combat gets. And for that, I feel that controller support would've been a good touch there, as it's a bit uncomfortable on keyboard after a while. The game feels in some ways mechanically better and worse than the games its inspired off of. It feels more free form, and one of your best calls in this game is the near dodge. Where in other games a time stop effect works about as what you'd expect, here it's just an added layer of spice that's there to tell you "this guy is so good, he stopped time" and it's so over the top I love it.

I really liked the air of over the top humor on top of it too. All in all, I thought it was fun. Although I think the levels could've used more tropes in specific, to make it feel more varied. I like my beat-em-ups, but pacing is important too. And to do that you'll need to switch it up from just "fight more" at times. It's fun, but it gets repetitive.

PS: Newgrounds version took forever to load, while Itch.io version loaded really fast for me.

FuturecopLGF responds:

Cheers for the detailed feedback! Very true, I do feel like I could've done more to spice it up with a few more unique enemy types or environments, looking back at it. At times I might've made it a bit too possible to just button mash as well, leading to even more repetitive feelings. Gotta get better at project design and management in the future so I don't have to cut as much.

Gamepad integration was one of the things I sadly wasn't able to do well due to being on such an outdated codebase (actionscript 2.0) and not moving porting to a newer one. That's what I get from digging up this decade-old abandoned project; next time I'm gonna stick with more modern codebases and finish it quicker!

so fricking addictive!!! i was going to give out secret ending, but nah :0
best story ive seen for a singular flash game! although spamming a button for a few hours stright can be both boring and tiring....
p.s love mike's idle anim! hes so triggered at u

this game awesome

... ADDICTIVE!!!! :) :) :) :) :) By the way, all the soundtracks of this game are satisfying my Netzscheen needs!

FuturecopLGF responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! If you're interested, the soundtrack is available at https://pedrogonzalezfernandez.bandcamp.com/ for your listening pleasure!

you think ryu will be playable in the future pal? :3

pd: if you want to know the origin of this, here you go: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/491637

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3.84 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2019
5:53 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler