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Balls to the Brawl

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Balls to the Brawl is a side-scrolling beat-em-up, modeled after old-school games like Streets of Rage, but with deep fighting mechanics and challenging bosses. The game intends to give you a satisfying ego-trip as you wreak havoc across the island to the final tower, where you will meet Ryu and have the final fight! But what ending will you end up getting...?

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WauJp6O1KoU

*Old-school Streets of Rage/Final Fight beat-em-up fun meets modern fast-paced combat and combo-cancelling design!
*Get straight to the gameplay! No boring cutscenes or overly-long tutorials!
*7 levels to fight through, each with a unique and challenging boss fight!
*Two possible endings! Will you fight the secret boss?
*Looking to just have fun? Use our difficulty cheats and mods to give you all the power you want!
*Looking for a challenge? No damage sponges here: Hard Mode means more aggressive AI and all-new boss patterns!
*The exciting conclusion to the L337 kr3w series! (if anyone knows what that is!)
*Original Music by Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez! ( https://twitter.com/pgonzfern ) ( https://pedrogonzalezfernandez.bandcamp.com/ )
*Referential humor woo


Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - Special attack (costs meter)
X - Basic attack
C - Dodge
A - Taunt (transform when meter full)

(mouse necessary for menus and some interactions)

Glad I was able to get this game that I started like a decade ago out before Flash died! The plot isn't that important but it is based off of my previous movies; sorry for anyone that was waiting the whole time after Ryu's Revenge! Hope you have fun!

(Credits to Street Fighter for intro music, as well as Ryu fight song)
(Credits to Super Star Wars for logo music)
(Credits to various games such as Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, Half-Life 2 for sound FX)

EDIT: Woohoo! Thank you for front page and the kind words!

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i love this game i just wish the meter didn't run out so fast

FuturecopLGF responds:

If it helps, feel free to use the 'Ballistic' mod in the Options! That'll give you a bunch of meter so you can just spam specials more often, which can be pretty fun!

Awesome game, really only clicked on it after seeing your banner since one of the ninjas looks like the "mr super" character, but very fun game nonetheless. i enjoyed playing through the first level and annihilating the red ninja. my favorite part is the dodge mechanic, if you dodge just right it inverts the colors for a second and thats a really cool effect.

does anybody know how to get the secret ending
edit: thx that fight was intense

FuturecopLGF responds:

Gotta taunt (the A key) the big bad at a critical point to get a rise out of him: be ready to deal with what comes after though!

What a great game man

Men I fall in love with your games your games 😂