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Super Hammer, Hiking on a mountain

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This is a hard game. It will not guide you over the obstacles. You have to overcome the obstacles by yourself. You will fall down, but don't take that too personally. Start over and get to the top!

Controls for keyboard: Left and Right arrow keys.
Press R to restart if you got stuck.
Controls for touchscreen: Touch near the shorter edges of your screen for a full power spin. The closer to the screen's center you touch, the lesser your spin power is. (It is useful for fine control).

In the game there are 11 levels, 8 of them accessible from menu, other 3 can be found while playing. There are clues in the game on how to find them.

This game was inspired by two games: Getting over it with Benett Foddy and Elastomania.

Gameplay features:
Climb mountains • Jump over chasms • Avoid spikes • Collect stars • Race against time • Find hidden levels • Hit the Green Box

Spin clockwise or anti-clockwise in this 2D world. There are many obstacles and mountains to climb. Use your spin to launch yourself to the air, over pits and spikes.

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A great idea, but needs better polish. The artstyle is rather simplistic, but for games like this it's very fitting and fluid and I commend you for that. The gameplay, however, is someone what lacking. Games like this requires good gameplay and game dynamics, and from what I can tell, it has failed to deliver. The controls are responsive but hard to control. It's difficult to tell which side is gonna swing. But the most glaring issue is how floaty the physics are. It feels unnatural, and in a game heavily based on physics, it's a big problem. However, I would love to see the game improved in the future.

quick review 'cause I can't be fucked, might come back to it later

Pretty fun overall, an obvious homage to "Getting Over It". Everything feels a bit too slippery, and a restart button would be good too, instead of waiting to slowly fall to your death. After a while it just gets really irritating waiting 5 minutes to be able to try again.

Reminds me of 'Getting over it'

Eh. The graphics can be improved; the hammer needs actual shading, the ground needs texturing, too.
It also feels a lot like Getting Over it, but with ice physics and unbalanced gravity. Shouldn't the head of the hammer be a LOT more heavy?
It needs sound effects, or at least some light music in the background.
The description is literally describing Getting Over It, minus the levels and controls. It also says "anti-clockwise," when what you mean is counter-clockwise.
Also, the levels seem very uninspired. No moving elements, as far as I've played. The levels need something to tell each other apart, and there is hardly anything.
Personally would not play the game again. Keep at it, though! You can improve!

Well, it's very, very difficult; especially in later levels when touching spikes sends you all the way back, losing your progress so far. It has everything you could expect from this kind of game, including three bonus levels on top of it. All that's missing is a guy stuck in a cauldron. :)