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Pucamuc is a platformer where you control Puck, who wants to get an iFone. The problem is that Puck cannot walk, he can only jump. To make the matters worse, the payment is done by blood, and his only source of blood is chickens and babies.

The game is made by Mors, with music and sounds from Catonator and additional promotional art from irri.

We made this game for the 44th Ludum Dare 44 in 72 hours and got the 21st place.

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I really like it.
This is a criminally underrated game that I think absolutely deserves to be remembered among Newgrounds icons like Pico and Alien Hominid. I enjoyed the bizarre, crude humor, and the idea of a glass cannon character really hasn't been done in platformers, so it's a very unique idea that I appreciate a lot. It kinda lends itself to being in something like Super Smash Bros or Newgrounds Rumble actually!

game is already hard enough as is. health mechanic is plain evil.

The moment it starts the vibrant art & music get me pumped, then I start playing and get frustrated because I can't figure out how to move. A witty comment from the character that explains the controls would both be very helpful and fitting.

While the hard-to-master movement itself is also so frustratingly hard that I almost quit, this seems intentional and was interesting enough to make me want to keep going. Though I wouldn't have played for much longer, which also prevented me from replaying it even though the core gameplay provides some interesting replay value.

Besides the unique movement and satisfying art & music, the game does do a good job differentiating itself from the oversaturated platformer genre through its weird snarky plot.

Gotta lotta polish and heart in this fun, quirky little platformer packed with oddles of secrets and surprises! Graphics, sound, music, presentation and weirdness are top-notch. My only beef is with the purple bouncy pads: they are way too jank and glitchy to deal with compared to everything else.

I beat it on hard mode and I am now free from steve jonks

it's so millenial it hurts