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The Secret of Tetrapylae

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The game is set in a dark fantasy world akin to the middle-east in the time of crusades. The times are dire, war is imminent. An ambitious mercenary is on his way to join a warring side, when his journey is interrupted by a series of unexpected events that sets him on a weird quest.

The classic rules for point-and-click games apply. Search the game area for exits, hints and interaction spots. Collect and inspect object, and use them to overcome obstacles.

supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari

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Any sequel?

terann responds:

Thank you for playing. I plan more than one sequels to this game, though I am currently working on a different PnC game.

Definitely one of the most puzzling games I've ever played. Harder than it should've been but with enough patience, it's worth it.

That was awesome! Great work.
The only two things I don't understand are what the shovel is good for (red herring?) and why the green bowl cannot be opened.
Did I muss an alternative ending?

Took me a while to finish this game, but damn it was worth it. One of the best point and click games I've played

terann responds:

Thank you for playing and your patience (not very common these days). I am glad you liked the game.

This game was great. Just fabulous. I loved the brooding atmosphere, the alternate-history Dark Ages, the art, the puzzles, and everything. I even partially figured out the plaque tile puzzle on my own!

I'm not sure what the end of the game means, exactly, though it feels "Biblical" in nature. I'm kind of pleased that such a desolate-feeling game has such a desolate ending, though!

terann responds:

Thank you, I am glad you liked the game.

Regarding the ending, actually your feeling is quite correct. Check the review on jayisgames for more (the 3rd comment) or PM me.

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2019
5:36 PM EDT