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Hey everyone :)
edit: AHHHHHHH frontpage! Thank you so much! It is a great honor.

SwordFace is a difficult combat game where you flip around in space, slashing baddies with the sword attached to your head.

You gather coins to upgrade your stats such as health, regen, speed, turn rate, and there is even a stat that does nothing!

The gripping story follows Swordface McGillicutty from day one at his new job defending the earth, all the way to the heat death of the universe.

There is a DevLog for those that are interested.

And a fun trailer:


P.S. I thought it'd be funny to set the nudity rating to 'Lots' but I didn't.

The music can be found here:
or on NGAP, after it makes it through the process.
Hotfixes (7/1/19):
- Base turn rate lowered from 1200 to 1050, max turn rate kept.
- Mute button shrunk and bug fixed
- Nerfed Mothball HP from 4 to 3.5

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its so cool. upgrades, rpg, minions this game is very epic.

no save boring

I like this game, is really fun, i like the music, story, characters enemys, the controls can be difficulty to master, mostly the time i was just spinning around to hit bc was hard going straight in some enemies, bc of this i only get pass things like the disco moon after upgrading a lot of damage and hp, but didn't ruin my fun, i did get all the upgrades i at least wish there was a medal for it or a secret, even upgrded the nothing, overall good game.

Also rip tony, i tried going on him again but i have to kill it anyway :/

Fishlicka responds:

I respect that you tried, I would say the 'good ending' of the game would be to just get to day 11 and hang out with Tony til the end of time :P

R.I.P. Tony, friend to us all.

Will you share audio please? I'd like to listen to the main theme some instead of leaving the game open like this :|