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Glyphs of the Pharaohs

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Author Comments

May take a moment to load all assets- if you don't see anything, wait a few seconds.

This is a casual HTML5 game themed on ancient egyptian culture. Click on the best scroll for a given pattern of tiles and try to use the scrolls as efficiently as you can. See the ingame help screen if you need more help on how to play.

This game was tested using Firefox and I can't guarantee what it will do in other browsers or on mobile devices. The interface is almost entirely mouse-based, but the keyboard is used to change the game settings and mute/unmute the background music. The game does not record scores or preferences, either online or in a cookie, so you'll have to keep track of your scores yourself if that's your thing. While the game in its current form does not have any accessibility feature for colorblind players, you can always set the number of colors to zero in the main menu (although of course this will exclude some of the available scrolls).

This is my first game uploaded to Newgrounds. I know it's simple and not very well balanced, it was mostly just an effort to gauge my ability to create a complete, functioning HTML5 game. If you like it, great! If you don't like it, maybe I'll make something better in the future now that I have more confidence in my abilities. In the meantime, please comment below if you find any bugs that aren't related to browser compatibility- in particular, if you're getting the wrong score from a particular kind of scroll.

Everything published here is open-source and you can download, backup, share or modify the game as you please. Some of the assets are not original by me, so check the ingame legal information screen if you want to find out more about that.

The game is also available on ItchIO: https://green-meklar.itch.io/glyphs

You can download a ZIP of the game here: https://mega.nz/#!MbxA1AZB!ZdjjEMgtBhAvitGY4XspIhC-nhmObtxQh2lNeK9gvvY

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Neat idea. There should definitely be a legend on the side so you don't end up mousing over each different glyph to try and figure out which of them is amenta(or whatever).


nice! i figured out how to do this game: just use the scrolls, colors and glyphs dont change the difficutly

GreenMeklar responds:

Clicking on the tiles doesn't do anything. You have to click 'start', then you can click the scrolls down the left-hand side to interact with the tile grid. The ingame help screen explains this in more detail.

If the game isn't loading, or crashed somehow, then I can't give you any advice without knowing more technical details.

This game was definitely worth a play, was interesting to see the meaning behind those glyphs and colors and then try to eliminate as many of them at once as possible by finding an appropriate term on the left. I've played this in the Firefox browser, too, and had no issues with the game whatsoever ^_^ It runs well and the oriental background music is on point :^)

Keep this up! For your first game on this platform, this is really decent and enjoyable :) Also cool that you've posted a download link to the game so we can see further how it works due to the fact that it's open-source :)

GreenMeklar responds:

Thanks, I'm glad someone liked it! :)

cool :)