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True Tail Kickstarter Launch!

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LINK TO KICKSTARTER: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/truetail/true-tail-school-of-heroes?ref=634968&token=69635736

True Tail is an indie flash-animated action adventure cartoon series that has been SIX YEARS in the making! It follows the adventures of a young kitten, named Caleb, who learns what it means to be a hero, and that sometimes there are adventures you are not ready for. However, accompanied by a sly thieving fox, a quick-witted kirin, and a song loving bunny, he will learn that with friends even the most impossible tasks can be easily overcome.

True Tail is the creation of Allison Sribnick and Zachary Rich, two Savannah College of Art and Design animation graduates, who dreamed of one day being showrunners of their own show. In 2013 they put their heads together and did just that - by creating Skynamic Studios!

Join us in continuing an adventure six years in the making, as we raise money to fund our very first pilot episode!

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Get Hype.

This, looks like the sort of thing that I should see as cheesy but, it's hard not too see it as delightful. Maybe it's because of the cute characters, maybe you just managed to pull it off well, Idunno.

i dont understand a god damn thing

It really looks like it probably will be a mindless cartoon with no worth to older audiences. I hope it will be better than I think.

I am looking forward to it being made. I really like the character design and the personality of the main cast. I am curious about what adventures they could go on or what the main story could be later on.