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Great Sword

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Defeat your Enemies and Save the World! This is a demo version of Great Sword. There are still many things to develop, but the basic system is almost done. Release version will be released soon!

Move : Arrows
Dash : << , >> (double-pressing the right and left arrows)

Dodge : Z
Attack : X
Jump : C (You can set Up arrow to jump in <Pause - Settings>)
Grenade : V

Item Slots : Q, W, E

Pause / Menu : ESC
Fast forward dialogs : Space, Enter
Jul 10, 2019 Updated
-Key Binings were changed
-You can use Up Arrow to Jump => Pause - Settings - Key settings, CHECK use up arrow to jump.
-Save System were added (experimental)
-Increased the number of training stages.
-Optimized memory usage.
Jul 10, 2019 Updated
-Fixed language problem - only english enable
If you find non-english texts, please let me know.
Jul 26, 2019 Updated
-Fixed some bugs
-Improved player character control
-Changed difficulty of some stages.
-Changed to prevent enemies from attacking outside the screen.

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Not recommended for casual player, the game will slap you hard if you play stage 1-5

Wish it could have space bar as jump...

I hate level 5 lol

The rest of the game is quite good, the only complaints I personally have is that the controls are not so great. Level 5 was a pain in the ass.

I LOVE the game but OMG level 5 WAS SOOOOOOOOOO hard

Bosses are far too tanky, and the second boss was harder than the first one, imo. Still, it gave a great feeling when I finally beat a boss, which I guess is what you were going for.

Don't know if it's just that I'm doing something inaccurately but when I level up whenever I come back to the game the levels/stats gained are lost, although the stages save between plays. Also, could be that I'm not doing something right but even though I clear the Maneuver 5 stage I am unable to progress to stage 6 (I haven't made it without getting hit by the arrows at least 10 times) Otherwise, overall enjoyable game, if frustrating here and there.