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Gildedguy & the Green-Eyed Cowboy

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Gildedguy ventures into the shallows of society, and is haunted by a green-eyed menace lurking in plain sight.

Website: https://gildedguy.com/support
Patreon: https://patreon.com/gildedguy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GildedguyArt

♫ Main Song
"Jesse James" - Clay Walker
♪ Original Score by PowerMeep (https://youtube.com/user/PowerMeep)

+ Animation, Inking, Cleanup Assistance
Soapy (https://twitch.tv/hiimcatasaurus)
Dar (https://youtube.com/user/dardar473)
IrascibleShadowscape (https://instagram.com/irascor/)
Andi (https://twitter.com/ITSANDl)

Thank you to all the patrons and collaborators who helped me create this project!

This one attempts to go deeper than any of my other animations, which frankly, scares me. I can't say it's my "masterpiece". At least, it doesn't feel like one. But I hope it leaves a positive, satisfying impression.

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I feel like this has a theme of greed or a moral to it. In any case I love this, keep up the good work!



That hallway shot was magic, man.

This turned out really good gildedguy! Watching some of the making on your twitch page shows the hard work you put into this. The bar scene turned out great, I was watching the 3D aspect of it in the making. 10 out of 5.