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Secret Agent v.2.01

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-EDIT- NOTE: DUE TO USER FEEDBACK ABOUT THE DIFFICULTY OF THIS GAME, MORE LIFELINES HAVE BEEN ADDED. Previously you received 3 lifelines if you selected 'Easy' mode. Now you will get 9 lifelines in 'Easy' mode, 5 lifelines in 'Difficult' mode, and 1 lifeline in 'Expert' mode.

Well, how good of a spy could you be?

Test your knowledge on Iraq!

It's been over a year since Secret Agent v.101 was submitted to newgrounds. Then, as you might guess, you were being tested on your knowledge of the Spy theatre: Afghanistan.

With recent events in the news, It's appropriate that you might like to test your knowledge on Iraq.

Authors Notes:
I didn't just plug new questions into this version. I completely reworked how the game was organized internally, relying much more heavily on ActionScript to make the game run with more powerful features, and more efficient on filesize.

There are also a number of major improvements added to the game over the last version:

1) Mode Selection. Now you can chose between Easy, Difficult, or Expert. Your selection determines how much time you will have to answer the questions and how many hints you can get per game.

2) Lifelines. There were complaints that the last game did not have lifelines. Infact, clicking the lifeline in the old game abruptly ended the game with the explanation that you get no help when you are a spy in the field of action. This is a kinder gentler Secret Agent game that offers help to the Spy. After all, 007 had Q, right? These lifelines come in the form of hints to assist you.

3) Random internal question selection. Now when you play Secret Agent, then replay it, you may not see the same questions the second time around. The lower levels have a large bank of questions to be selected at random by the game to make things more interesting for those who replay the game.



Pretty Good

It was alot of fun (especially when youre bored) and very challenging. The only problem is that i got up to 500,000 and it still said that i saved 0 lives.

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good very good

very good game but i found it very hard lol guess its cause i dont listen to news enough

A red-neck's nightmare given form...

Hehe, I really like this! I like too think I'm knowledgeable about the world around me but that natural disaster question tripped me up. At least I got most of the political and historical questions right without help (mind I sucked at the geography ones). Nice work!

nice job

I figured how to cheat so I could just keep going... Now i'm a Secret Agent... WOOHOO!

hehe, nice shit man.



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3.66 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2002
7:40 PM EST
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