green and blue episode 3 - Unsuccessful rescue

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Green and Blue walk around, but they found Orange was stuck on a high voltage pole.

Orange is clinging to an iron bar, but the iron bar breaks, and Orange falls free to the ground, can will Blue and Green save Orange ?

Let's watch this video

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Producer - Thanh Le
Characters & animation - Thanh Le
Music and sound effects - Youtube Audio Library

Story & Film editor - Thanh Le

Thank you for watching,


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Well, it's the thought that counts...
If there is one type of humor and animation format that sadly doesn't gets enough representation today, that would be simpler humor, or slapstick comedy. I know for a fact that not a lot of people like this kind of humor, be it because it is repetitive, most of the characters involved don't deserve that kind of pain, or because the only purpose is to see people getting clubbed in the face. However, I believe that well executioned, this type of animation and humor can provide a tons of laughs, and I think this movie accomplishes that with flying colors.
I really like the animation details; it is faster than the usual flash entry, but I think that's part of the charm this short has. Another thing I like is the background details; as if the characters and the situation they are come straight out of a book, in fact, I really like how the animation looks like an animated book featuring characters illustrations.
I also like the colors used for the film: the character design is simple, but it mashes well with the humorous nature of the short, and the colors help in both distinguishing the characters and making the animation more eye-catching.
And finally, the humor. I really liked the punchline on this one; though it is simple, it manages to be do a funny outcome, maybe not for the characters, but for the audience. The fact that it is overly exaggerated only makes it better.
I would consider trying to focus the camera a bit more, as some animation details were hard to see, such as when Orange is falling from the sky, the character model changes the angle of where he is falling down between shots; however, for most of the time, we can appreciate every scene and frame perfectly.
All in all, this is an entertaining entry overall and a fun short. I honestly like that it is different from other Newgrounds entries, which makes it more unique and worthwile. Good job lechithanh2412!

lechithanh2412 responds:

Thank you so much for your appreciate, it's really good for me :)

I like it. :) Reminds me of simpler times when I watched stuff like Popeye the Sailor Man and Herman & Katnip on VHS.

lechithanh2412 responds:

thank you so much :)

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3.17 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2019
6:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody