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You have 1 minute to spell out all words appearing on black board. Use all your attention and fast fingers to shoot letters in correct order to win in this mind battle.

Use keyboard/mouse to type the words correctly. Currently, the "survival" mode is implemented so far, where each next level requires more words to complete for the same amount of time. How far will you go?

The current state of the game is a WiP/early alpha.

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Not bad... Hope to see the finished product on here at some point...

Noticed 3 misspelled words: Bussiness, Electrisity, and Cabage...
They should be spelled: Business, Electricity, and Cabbage...

undrev responds:

Good catch, @GhettoJoe5215 It will be fixed next update. Thanks!

Good for typewriting practices.

Not a bad game. It's pretty good for typing practice. There's a pretty good variety of words, although it does repeat some of them several times. It's just not super interesting at the moment, which is fair enough since it is in early alpha. I got to level 7, I think, before I got bored.

(You didn't say whether you wanted advice or not, so I apologize if you did not want any.)

Like some of the others said, music would help, and/or maybe sound effects when you type a correct letter. Also, it might be more engaging if there was more than just needing to complete more words with each higher level. Like, if the words got longer or harder as you got further in. It could also be fun if there was a shorter time limit and getting words correct lengthened it, or something. Some form of penalty for typing incorrectly could also work, but I feel like that would just be stressful and frustrating.

That's all just my opinion, of course.

undrev responds:

@Elara-Moon advices, suggestions and any other feedback are highly appreciated! Thank you for your ideas! Sound is on the way, the rest is under understanding/thinking how to implement the things better.

The game doesn't have much personality. It's just typing. The lack of music doesn't make it particularly exciting. And I found at least one spelling error. It's cabbage, not cabage.

It's still in development I think.
It's not bad, it's just pretty barebone.

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2.78 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2019
5:20 PM EDT
Skill - Typing